"My children look forward to their weekly lessons with Axel. He is patient and fun, much needed qualities when working witch children! He is able to read a child's personality and adjust his teaching skills to motivate each child."
Megan, two children (5 1/2 and 8), 6 months of lessons


  • the basics – posture, hand position, reading and writing music
  • how to read and write rhythm
  • everything about theory and harmony
  • how to practice and play classical music
  • how to interpret chord symbols and lead sheets
  • to play your favorite songs on the piano
  • how to improvise over changes
  • to accompany your own (or other people’s) singing on the piano
  • how to improve your technique
  • how to function in a band
  • how to understand and transcribe the music you like
  • how to compose your own songs
  • how to practice right
  • how to make good progress, even if you only have very little time to practice
  • how to avoid getting frustrated

Every student learns at a different pace and has trouble with different things. That’s why my lessons are adapted to each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Many students give up their lessons because they don’t feel they are making any progress. The obvious reason is: They don’t practice! Most teachers blame this on the student. I have always thought that a good part of the blame goes to the teacher, because they didn’t succeed in making the student want to practice! The only way to change that is to address each student’s individual troubles and to work with the student towards playing the music they like, not the teacher.

All my students have made good progress, even the ones that were supposed to be slow learners or untalented.

I have my own proven methods to help you with those difficulties that are holding you back from moving on to the next level. I have also developed my own way to help you understand theory – it’s worked for many people already.

All students will have access to the download section of this site, containing music samples, play-alongs, and other study materials. This section is regularly updated and expanded. I often upload materials for one individual student here.

Click here to check out some of the excellent feedback I have received from students.
Click here to watch and listen to some of them play.

Whether you’re looking for lessons for your child or for yourself, I believe I can help you make good progress – while having a lot of fun!

Lessons take place in my private teaching studio in Brooklyn, equipped with an acoustic upright piano, a professional 88-key keyboard with weighted keys, and multimedia facilities for listening to and transcribing music as well as for play-alongs. The studio has daylight, fresh air, AC, and heating.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!